Gift Card

It’s time to share the MoonPets love! Follow these steps to make someone feel special:

1. Select the color of the paper wallet and click “Generate Wallet”
2. Download the image of the new paper wallet you’ve just generated. Print the wallet on double-sided color paper.
3. Send a MoonPet to the newly created wallet. Find the address by scanning the QR code. Make sure to send them a little BNB so they can easily customize their Moonie.
4. Write a message in the empty box and fold the page inward. Fold the page with the MoonPet over the page with your personalized note. This way the secret recovery phrase will be hidden inside.
You’ve successfully just given someone a digital gift in a physical way. Congratulations!

*For added security, it is best to disconnect from the internet during wallet creation and delete files after they’ve been printed*

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