Christmas Launch

Exciting news! This holiday season, we're launching the exclusive MoonPets Christmas Collection. As a thank you those who flex-locked the Christmas Temporary collection will receive an airdrop of festive items. Plus, they get first dibs during our whitelist period to mint the Christmas-themed assets as they become permanent. Once the whitelist period is complete, it will be open to the public.

The minting process is dynamic – starting at 1 USDT, prices increase by 2.5% per mint, with a cap of 250 items each. This ensures both excitement and exclusivity!

Mark your calendars:
- Whitelist period commences on December 19th at 16:00 UTC
- Public minting begins on December 20th at 16:00 UTC
- Minting ends on December 23rd at 16:00 UTC

Get ready to deck your MoonPets collection with holiday cheer!

All Christmas assets will be airdropped following the conclusion of the minting process!

Connect wallet to see items