Bad Pets Launch

It's been a year since we launched the BadPets collection, in collaboration with Bad Seeds. Originally intended as a temporary collection, the assets are now becoming permanent!

Those who flex-locked their assets will be rewarded with an airdrop of one piece of each item they flex-locked! They will also have the privilege to mint these items during the exclusive whitelist period before minting becomes available to the general public.

Being early has its perks, as the minting process comes with a dynamic pricing structure. Each asset starts at a price of 1 USDT, with the price increasing by 2.5% with each subsequent mint. The maximum supply for each item is capped at 250.

All assets will be airdropped once the minting process concludes!

- Whitelist period commences on October 31st at 16:00 UTC
- Public minting begins on November 1st at 16:00 UTC
- Minting ends on November 5th at 16:00 UTC
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